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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I have my wedding day created into a Video DVD movie?
Your wedding day is a day of action. Photographs can never recall the emotion of your spoken vows, your special music, or the thrill of you walking down the aisle for the first time as husband and wife! There is nothing like taking your day’s major events and weaving them into a professionally made emotional, DVD movie. Let us tell your wedding day story with our uniquely captivating cinematic style...a style that is rich in details and texture and personal in feel. Going beyond the mere documentary style shooting, we capture your excitement and emotion of the day. With our careful attention to details, a discrete presence, creative camera work, and intensive editing, your DVD movie will be a one-of-a-kind treasure the moment you see it. What better opportunity to capture all of your family and friends and create a classic heirloom to be cherished for years to come. A photographer’s portraits are beautiful keepsakes, but you can’t hear or feel the words the way you can in a professionally produced movie. The smart bride is one who chooses both a Professional Wedding Videographer and a still Photographer.
Could a friend or family member videotape my wedding?
Certainly, but don’t expect professional results. Lee's Summit Video has been capturing weddings professionally since 1999, and we know the “ins and outs” of covering such an important event. We use Sony & Cannon Professional, High Definition, 3 chip digital video cameras as well as 4k cameras & DSLR’s and numerous non-linear digital video editing systems to create a true cinematic production. We prefer guests not to videotape as it interferes with our efforts to capture your special day.
Is a contract important?
A contract protects both you and our production company. Our contract is comprehensive, clear, concise, and easy to understand. It also reserves your special date with us. Never hire any professional with merely a handshake or verbal agreement.
How should I select my videographer?
It’s a fact of life that price does play a key role in determining the selection of professionals, and there is a videographer and photographer for every budget. Once you determine your spending limit, then you can begin to evaluate your professionals for quality and compatibility.
We strongly encourage you to view the work of other videographers. Unlike most other videographers shooting only in standard definition, our HD picture will be crystal clear. And Titling should look professional and be easy to see and read. Ultimately, the video should be tastefully edited and pleasing to watch for any age.
Listed below are questions we recommend you ask other videographers before making your final decision:
  • Do they use at least 3-chip High Definition Digital Video Cameras or Dslr equivalent for vivid color and superior quality?
  • Do they have a minimum of 2 manned cameras for proper Full Coverage and at least 3 to 5 other unmanned cameras for different Angle Choices as well as for Back Up Equipment?
  • Do they capture your wedding themselves or hire other individuals, such as whom ever is available at the last minute and may not even be a Professional Wedding Videographer?
  • Who edits the wedding? Do the videographers who recorded the wedding edit your video or is it someone who did not attend the event at all? This is the most important question of all because it helps if you were actually there and attended the event to really know what moments were most important to you.
  • Do they offer more than just a couple of DVD’s standard on EVERY package?
What if my church has restrictions for videographers?
It is the client’s responsibility to find out if there are any restrictions for camera placement at the church and then to inform our company about the restrictions well in advance of the reserved date. Many churches have guidelines and policies, such as no flash photography and no movement once the ceremony has started.
Ultimately, we try to place our cameras in locations which capture clear views of your procession and your faces during the ceremony and vows. However, this may not be possible if restrictions are in place. Always make sure and find out what is permitted before contracting your videographer or photographer.
Lee's Summit Video asks for access to your wedding ceremony site two hours prior to the scheduled starting time, or we may need to attend your rehearsal in order to set up and test the cameras properly, then to begin pre-shots. Be sure to find out exactly how much access time to the church will be permitted before and after the ceremony.
When will you begin taping?
We usually begin taping hours before the ceremony begins, starting with the bride and groom pre-shots. We also obtain interior and exterior shots of the ceremony site. Plus, we capture extensive emotional and sentimental clips of the bride and groom, their bridal party and family before their grand entrance. Details are our specialty. We usually DO NOT travel to another location such as your home, a relative’s home, or a hotel to capture pre-wedding coverage, however, exceptions are occasionally made if that location is within a couple miles of the ceremony location and transportation is provided. You may need to add on the Bride Highlight Shoot if you are planning on getting ready offsite or doing a photo shoot that you would like captured offsite and would like extensive footage of.
Should I provide meals for the videographers?
We often spend our entire day with the bridal party from the time we arrive at the ceremony site for preshots until the end of our contracted time at the reception. It is a welcomed courtesy if you provide meals to your videographers inside the same reception location as the bride and groom. If meals are not provided, please do let us know ahead of time so we may make other plans to eat. This generally is something most couples provide us so that important coverage will not be missed.
How long is my completed final DVD movie?
The actual length of the completed DVD movie is typically up to 2 hours in length and include:
Full Ceremony & Reception shot in a Cinematic - Documentary Style, see & hear as it was!
Pre Wedding and Pre Reception shot in a Cinematic Style with music
. .
Can I make copies of my completed video?
Yes you may make copies of your DVD's, but only for personal use other copies are considered illegal and violate copyright laws that you will sign in your contract. Also, any copies that you may make from your DVD copy will not be made from the original master or have the high quality printing we do for you on your final DVD's. A digital master of your entire wedding video is kept in our library forever and will always be available to you at a very low cost.
Why do I need a DVD?
A DVD will preserve your wedding memories longer than any videotape. It’s interactive, with menu selections and chapter choices that will allow you to skip precisely to a certain event. There is no fast forwarding or rewinding. A videotape begins to degrade in quality every time it is viewed and has a typical life expectancy of 8-10 years. A DVD, on the other hand, properly stored, can be viewed hundreds of times with no loss in quality.
How do I book Lee's Summit Video for my Wedding?
Although we can mail out Video DVD samples of our work, we feel just viewing short samples or clips on a website does not do justice, compared to sitting down and being able to view several different DVD's of Recent Weddings Shot in HD. That way you can also see and get a feel for the many different menus, chapters, music as well as different types of titles that help to really personalize your DVD. This is why we prefer a personal consultation at our studio to discuss the specifics of your wedding day. This allows you to get to know us and for us to know you as well to anticipate your needs. Normal consultations last 45 minutes to one hour.
If you decide to book our services, a $150.00 non-refundable retainer fee is required to reserve your wedding date. We accept cash, check, and all major credit cards through PayPal. The remaining balance must be paid in full one week prior to your wedding day. Never wait until the last minute when booking anything involving in your special day! As with most professionals in the wedding business, we typically book 6 to 12 months in advance.
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