MidiMagic is a project studio for singers, songwriters and bands to record anything from audio and video demos to a completely finished mastered CD/DVD. MidiMagic has multitrack recording with computer automated mixing and mastering with Digital Performer and Pro Tools for the Mac as well as a full range of other software with 10 Macintosh computers. Also available are studio quality effects, keyboards and sounds from such names as Alesis, Korg, Emu, Lexicon, Yamaha, Crown, J.L.Cooper, Apex, BBE, AKG, Equitech and more! As well as a full 12 piece Midi Drum Set, a Peavey Midi Bass and Roland Midi Guitar.
The main audio studio at MidiMagic is equipped to do just about anything you could dream. We will be mixing on a 24x8 Studiomaster mixer that has midi muting on all channels. This is great for muting all tracks or effects not used at mixdown, for less noise as well as using this feature to comp tracks, such as using two of the track parts to make one good take, etc., etc. Also your gonna just love that yummy British EQ on this board. You hear it when you move any EQ knob.

The whole studio is based around midi. We use a Tascam FW-1082 to automate the tracks. These are connected to several Mac computers, through a Mark Of The Unicorn Midi Timepiece AV. This connection ties everything in the whole studio together, including video. We use Digital Performer. Now everything in the studio is automated, audio tracks as well as all of the midi tracks. This can save you time and money! We mixdown and can burn and master a CD on the Mac, with your choice of near-field monitors to choose from, which include both the Tannoy PBM 8"s and 6"s for reference. For live jamming, large studio 15's with horns are also available, backed up by more power than you will ever need. With a rack full of goodies for processing, you can go digital with the multi-processing Alesis Q2 digitally for added tracks to the ADAT. Then enhance your vocals with full four part harmonies coming out of the Digitech Studio Harmonizer, which also has pitch correction for vocal tracks that need it. Then there's that great Lexicon reverb from the MXP-1, which is unparalleled. You can add more multi effects from the Boss SE-70, if needed. The Aphex Expressor is so great for compression that we have two of them. We also use a BBE exciter and a Rocktron exciter/imager for sonic enhancement with another Hush II and DBX 463X, to get rid of all that unwanted noise that may be caused from instruments or amplification.
For drums we have a full 12 piece electronic kit a Roland Vdrum TD-20 . For keyboards there's a Roland X6, Korg M1, 2 Ensoniq ESQ1’s, Ensoniq Mirage and a Proteus 1XR from E-MU as well as a seperate room with a Baby Grand Piano that also has midi incorporated into it as well . For you bass guitar players, we trigger a Peavey Spectrum Bass module from a Peavey midibass. And for guitar we have the Roland VG8 - Vguitar System the latest modeling technology triggered by a Yamaha guitar w/midi interface. We also have an electric/acoustic guitar standing by in case you need it.
And for all the rest of your audio needs, there's a good choice of microphones including SM 57's, 58's, AKG 1000, EV-PL80, CAD Equitek E-300, and the old "Elvis" Shure PE 55. The CAD mic is really inspiring to all vocalist. You have to hear it to believe it! Add to this the comfortable, down home atmosphere of MidiMagic's unique, intimate recording environment, and you will take home a CD of your dreams! Also we have a Tascam US-428 for remote recording with a 17" QuadCore MacBook Pro!
This should be enough to entice you into the MidiMagic Studios for your audio recording needs. To make you feel right at home and express your innermost artisitic desires.
Mastering is something that has been going on for years at MidiMagic Studio, but has only recently gained so much from the trickling down of high-end technology. Now at MidiMagic Studio you can walk out the door with a completely finished product recorded on a CD for much less.

The mastering process at MidiMagic Studio is a multi-part process that really takes on many different forms and shapes. From the beginning stages to the end, you'll appreciate starting out with quality mics like the Cad E-300 or effects like the Lexicon MXP-1. Any dynamic processing will be handled with the Aphex Expressor Compressors, along with the many Mark of the Unicorn Digital Performer plug-ins. These will insure to do it correctly from the beginning to the final completed mastered project. The Mac shines in the final mastering process with its CD recording and mastering capabilities provided by the Digital Performer software. This program has exceptional mastering capabilities and plug-ins to make the final mastering process a breeze. So you can enjoy your final mix on a quality CD master.
We have now added color printed labels for the CD's and 4 page inserts for the outside cover and inside information as well as inserts for the back cover and sides, to provide you with a very professional product. We do original artwork for these CD covers and labels and there is a variety of ways to provide outstanding cover art, which is limited by only your imagination. And for those of you who are interested in selling your CD, we can help you build and maintain a website on the Internet to advertise and support your new CD.
Nothing is as satisfying than to pop your final CD into your car's player on the way home from your recording session. Midi is a very strong virtue of MidiMagic Studio. Since the studio was pretty much founded around midi as it grew to support so many different ideas, from midi sequencing, to live lighting control. The commonly used protocol known as Midi has found a home at MidiMagic Studio and is used for a wide variety of operations. We even have a little midi saxophone for you wind players to blow!
First and foremost, midi is used for sequencing at MidiMagic Studio. We are able to get a good live sound from midi using midi keyboards and midi drum controllers, together as well as the midi guitar and midi bass. These can all be played and recorded at once by real musicians, playing the song from beginning to the end in a live jam situation. I find this gives more life to a song than just midi drum machine style programming. We also do some looping, programming as well and some sampling.
Utilizing this method, we use the sequencer for real-time recording. Then, using midi's strong editing features to correct and enhance the tracks after they have been recorded. For these type operations, there is a multitude of choices at MidiMagic Studio. In all, we own and support seven different computer sequencing setups, along with several different sequencing and music programs for each setup. Then there is a plethora of midi hardware used along side the computer sequencing setups. All the computers are hooked up through a Midi Timepiece AV, Digital Music MX-8 and a Roland thru-box. We use a midi Fadermaster and have a ACM Audio Control Module to automate audio from older Adat tracks. We also use the Fadermaster to edit, store and manipulate all kinds of synth sounds, which control midi effects & midi volume in real time using real faders.

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