Get Past It - The Clue

The CD Release....."GET PAST IT" The movie Clue was released with several different conclusions, leading some moviegoers to see the film several times to catch them all. Get Past It, the album from Kansas City's The Clue, features only one ending, but listeners might listen to it several times to make sure they heard it correctly. The first seven songs establish the group's laid-back pop/rock sound, with new wave-style keyboards, unorthodox stuttered drumming and effective changes of pace occasionally adding spice to the formula. On the next tune, "Goodbye Love" a female vocalist emerges for the first time to harmonize with singer/drummer Gordon Schroeder. Then on the album's closing track, this unlisted singer takes over the vocal duties while the rest of band plays faster and louder than usual. This track also stands out because of its live sound quality. The rest of the album sounds remarkably clean, with Schroeder, founder of Midi Magic Studio, showcasing his production expertise. With the release of this album, the band should be making plenty of room in its previously cover-heavy set list for its own well-constructed songs. Those who go to see the band play live should make sure to stick around until the show is over, because Get Past It suggests that The Clue appreciates a surprise ending.

From Kansas City's  Local Pitch Magazine
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